Sensei Collins Smith- Chief Instructor, 6th Dan

Sensei Smith moved to New Jersey from Bermuda in 1978 and was first exposed to aikido at

Collins Smith - Shidoin

Collins Smith – Shihan

what is now Aikido Schools of NJ under Sensei R Stickles.

Already an accomplished martial artist, a 3rd degree black belt in karate, Sensei Smith was captivated by aikidos’ fluid powerful circular movements.

Sensei Smith decided to take up aikido with a vengeance and never missed a class for the first eight months of training. He would often train 13 hours a week and spent much of his time commuting to and from the dojo in New Jersey.

Sensei Smith trained with such notable instructors as Yamada Sensei in New York, Chiba Sensei in San Diego, Kanai Sensei in Massachusetts, Bruce Bookman Sensei in Seattle and in 1983 he achieved the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt).

After returning to Bermuda in 1983, Bermuda’s first aikido dojo was opened just past Raynor’s Garage in Warwick. After 1 year at that location, Bermuda Aikikai relocated to Samaritan’s Lodge on Cobbs Hill where it remains today.

Sensei’s continued commitment to the art of aikido has earned him the rank of 6th dan (6th degree black belt) and he has become a well-respected instructor in aikido circles worldwide.


Assistant Instructors

James Baptiste – 4th Dan

Eugene O’Connor- 5th Dan

Kenneth Robinson – 3rd Dan

Signe Constable – 2nd Dan

Chris Ingham – 2nd Dan