Classes & Membership Info

Here you’ll find our current schedule, followed by training information, Membership Fees for Adults and Kids and payment information.

Feel free to stop by the dojo at any time classes are on to take a look and see what we are all about. We are located at 44 Ord Road, Warwick above the Commercial Laundry. 


Chris throws Eugene in the old dojo from suwari waza



Our dojo offers training opportunities for beginners and advanced students alike. Along with adult classes Bermuda Aikikai offers two classes, Kohai (beginners and little ones)  class and a Sempai (older with some experience) kids class. A great variety of instructors under Shihan Collins Smith instruction offer a unique blend of quality, tradition and innovation at the dojo.


In Aikido, as in virtually all Japanese martial arts, there are both physical and mental aspects of training. The physical training in Aikido is diverse, covering both general physical fitness and conditioning, as well as specific techniques. Because a substantial portion of any Aikido curriculum consists of throws, beginners learn how to safely fall or roll. The specific techniques for attack include both strikes and grabs; the techniques for defense consist of throws and pins. After basic techniques are learned, students study freestyle defense against multiple opponents, and techniques with weapons.

Children aged 5-12 Kids Kohai Class Teens aged 13-18 Teens Sempai Class

Adult classes can be enjoyed by all ages18 and up

Have a look at the Kids Program Here



2022 Membership Fees

  • Annual Bermuda Aikikai Fee- $100 (adults only)
  • Adult Membership – $110/month
  • Student Membership – $85/month (for students in adult class ages 16 years and under)
  • Student Membership – $75/month (kids classes)
  • Drop in Fee- For Bermuda Aikikai members who do not wish to pay monthly (to be eligible for drop in rate Annual Bermuda Aikikai Fee of $100 must be paid)
  • United States Aikido Federation (USAF) individual member- ship fee- $45 is due annually before the end of


Discount Packages


  • Annual Adult Membership – Discounted rate of $1,250 pre-paid membership includes Annual Bermuda Aikikai Fee and USAF (savings of $215).
  • Family Member Discount – Adult and child $150 per month, husband and wife $175 per
  • Kids Package Rates (ages 5-16): 10 month period
  • $75 per month = $750 for the year
  • 1st package: 3 terms $240 per term, ($30 savings)
  • 2nd package: Annual $700 (saving $50)
  • 2 Children or more family package (3rd or more child is free)
  • 1st package: $75 for one second pays $35 = $110 per month
  • 2nd package: 3 terms $350 per term, ($50 savings)
  • 3rd package: Annual $1,000 (saving $100)


Payment can be made at the Dojo to Sensei or Dojo Sempai in cash or direct credit –

The HSBC account 002-050557-011 Bermuda Aikikai c/o Collins Smith.

Please e-mail the confirmation number, the date and the amount of the transaction and what you are paying for so we can account for it.

If you are looking to start or have your kids start with us, please come along and join in the class. All you need is a t-shirt and sweat pants and you are good to go.